Carriage House Garage Doors Are a Traditional—and Timeless—Favorite

carriage house doors on a large family homeElevate your home’s curb appeal with the irresistible charm of carriage house garage doors, one of the distinctive styles offered by F&L Doors. Combining the rustic allure of a carriage house with the modern convenience of an overhead-opening door, our carriage house garage doors are a perfect choice for homeowners seeking to infuse their exterior with classic sophistication. With locations in Hazle Township and Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, we are a leading installer of carriage house garage doors in nearby cities.

A Closer Look at the Carriage House Door Style

Carriage house garage doors from F&L Doors come in an array of designs and styles, each meticulously crafted to capture the essence of historic charm. The intricate hardware details, reminiscent of carriage doors from a bygone era, add a touch of authenticity to your home. These doors also provide excellent insulation, ensuring energy efficiency and comfort. With minimal maintenance requirements, carriage house garage doors offer not only aesthetic appeal but also practicality. While the cost varies based on customization and materials, the investment is worthwhile for those seeking enduring elegance and enhanced security.

Innovative Opening Technology for Your Carriage House Garage Doors

Experience the perfect fusion of tradition and technology with our carriage house garage doors. Innovative opening technology ensures smooth and reliable operation, combining the classic look of carriage doors with the convenience of modern automation. With various options available, you can effortlessly operate your garage door with the touch of a button, enhancing both functionality and security.

Experience Excellence From Our Carriage House Garage Door Company

As a trusted provider of carriage house garage doors, F&L Doors brings more than 50 years of experience to our projects. We pride ourselves on offering quality doors, timely installations, and excellent customer service. From the durability of our materials to the meticulous craftsmanship of our technicians, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations for your new carriage house garage door.

To learn more about carriage house garage doors and if this is the right type of garage door for your home, contact F&L Doors today. From our locations in Hazle Township and Schuylkill Haven, PA, we serve nearby cities.

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F&L Doors has earned numerous positive reviews for our outstanding service. Read about our customers’ pleasant experiences working with us, then contact us today to learn more about our garage door services.

“I’m blown away how prompt F & L Doors was. My garage door broke and I thought I’d have to buy new doors to match each other, but the serviceman came over so quickly, and was able to repair it within 20 minutes. He was very professional, polite, and thorough. He also saved me a lot of money! I highly recommend F & L Doors.”

Deborah M.

“Excellent work and quality doors were installed on my new 3 door garage. These guys were very nice and professional and installed 3 doors with motors, programmed everything for me, and did a very fantastic job all in a day. They are very neat and organized, leaving no mess behind and got the job done very quickly! Highly recommend F & L Doors for your garage door needs. ”

Eric L.

“On Friday afternoon I opened up the automatic garage door & heard a loud noise, I couldn't get the garage door down. I called F & L for help because now my home is exposed. At this time of the day I only expected help with getting the door down and scheduling the repair for the following week. They arrived quickly and installed new springs on both sides of the door. They were fast, efficient, neat and incredibly polite. Thank you to everyone at F & L Doors!”

Tami K.

“We greatly appreciated everyone’s effort on this job. That included from the start, with Kevin getting us set up with Gaige. Special thanks to Gaige beginning with his same-day response when the prior doors initially failed, walking us through the process and bearing with us as we tried figuring out the best color choice for the doors (important since there were three other nearby doors that we weren’t replacing). The initial crew that came out did a great job of getting the doors installed, and communicating with us about various important things – from operations to choosing where to route the new controls. The hiccup with the torn trim surprised everybody, but it was minor and easily fixed on the follow-up visit. This wasn’t a project I wanted to do. (Sorry…replacing garage doors isn’t the most exciting thing for a homeowner!) However, F&L made the process as simple and straightforward as possible, installed some great looking doors, and really improved not only the look of our house, but the function of the garage itself. The old doors had huge gaps running alongside the panels. Between the better-quality doors, the insulation, and the tighter installation of these doors…the garage itself is quieter, looks much better, and will certainly be far more energy efficient. In any event, thank you to everyone for your work on this project!”

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